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  • I had the pleasure working with Yuzer Group providing the ABBL with a thought-through and in-depth stakeholder audit leading to an integrated communication strategy.
    All in all an excellent job!
    Philipp von Restorff Deputy CEO - Luxembourg for Finance / Former Head of Communication - ABBL 
  • Yuzer Group has a highly dedicated and professional team in place. You can totally rely on their passionate mindset and be sure that they will help you get the result you are aiming for!
    Lynn Robbroeckx Head of Communication - Luxembourg Space Agency
  • Excellent understanding of our briefing, uncomplicated in implementation and rapid in production, we can only recommend this team of young people.
    Fernand Ernster Directeur Général - Librairie Ernster
  • We were delighted to work with the motivated and dynamic Yuzer Group crew. Their work is highly professional, authentic and displays a lot of attention for details that win the hearts of the audience.
    Katharina Flechtner Chief of Staff - UBS Europe SE, Luxembourg Branch
  • Working with Yuzer Group was an Excellent experience. The team is highly professional, and was always running the extra miles to achieve the best results! Business passion is part of their DNA.
    Laurent Misonne Head of Benelux and France Distribution - Credit Suisse Asset Management
  • It was a pleasure to work with Yuzer Group that proved to be extremely reliable, proactive, professional and results focused.
    In short, a company to be recommended with an exemplary customer service approach.
    Sue Hewitt Senior Marketing and Event Manager - Luxinnovation
  • I was pleased to work together with Yuzer Group. They have a very professional and friendly attitude. The work was very helpful and productive!
    Tom Losch Managing Director - Immo Losch
  • Yuzer Group is a highly responsive and result-driven company, understanding todays possibilities and necessities in market placement.
    All in all a smooth and effective collaboration with a great understanding of the needs and goals of our projects.  
    Benjamin Aellen Head of Digital Productions - Valiant Bank
  • Our collaboration with Yuzer Group was highly professional with a very flexible and reliable support at all times ensuring a fruitful project from conception to implementation.   The team's quick reactivity, results-oriented working mindset as well as passion at work makes it the right choice to partner-up with.
    Daniel Niedermayer Chief Executive Officer - SolvencyAnalytics

Discover our practices in Luxembourg and Switzerland

Strategic Advisory Practice

Strategic Advisory Practice

We are specialised in communication advisory for corporate transactions and sensitive issues of SMEs, large caps as well as public institutions and industry bodies.

Marketing Practice

Marketing Practice

We have the expertise and the tools to understand online customer processes, develop strong digital strategies and implement them in a most effective way.

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Maurice Delcourt

Managing Partner
Luxembourg Practice

Combines his expertise in marketing with a large interest in consumer behaviour research. As a project manager and consultant at a Zurich-based Agency, he has worked for a large variety of well-know Swiss as well as multinational companies. His goal is to encourage a more innovative and customer-oriented marketing approach in the Grand-Duchy and the Confederation.

Julie Didier

Managing Partner
Luxembourg Practice

Combines her expertise in communication with her passion for strategy and creativity. While heading marketing and communication in a sustainable finance agency and managing projects in the retail and creative sector, she has gained extensive experience in implementing integrated approaches. Her aim is to re-align business and marketing objectives in corporate decision-making.

Louis W. Wagner Ley

Managing Partner
Switzerland Practice

Combines his expertise in investment banking and the investment fund industry in Switzerland and the EMEA region with the strategic view gained in diplomatic service in Washington D.C. and a diversified industry knowledge from working with multinational clients as a partner of two Luxembourg-based communication consultancies. Taking action on unperceived – current or future – conflicts of interests, economic opportunities and threats is his aim.

Marie Berthon

Junior Consultant

Combines her expertise in marketing strategy with a strong interest in business development & corporate innovation. Through her previous work in a leading management consulting firm as well as different SMEs, she gained expertise in managing projects for several industries, building strong relationships with clients as well as delivering high added-value solutions for their businesses. Tailoring services on client needs and fostering a customer-centric culture is what she aims for.

Jérémy P. Florian G.

Business Analyst European Markets

Combines his expertise in business strategy and technology with his passion for business development as well as venture finance. Through his experiences at a variety of multinational corporations and family businesses throughout Europe, he acquired a strong knowledge and understanding of the service industry and its fundamentals.

Christian Steinmann

Business Development Manager

Combines his expertise in the financial industry and investment management with his passion for the start-up ecosystem as well as venture capital. Through his professional experiences at a large corporation and SMEs, as well as various international experiences, he acquired a level of expertise and empathy that allows him to take on a client’s view and see the problem from her point of view. Customers are at the heart of his actions and delivering exceptional results is what drives him on a daily basis.

We avail ourselves to the expertise of senior industry experts

In order to advise the firm in strategic decision-making, Yuzer Group established a corporate advisory board consisting of international industry leaders.  Its members are non-executives acting as external advisors and brand ambassadors.

Annemarie is a financial services professional with a broad spectrum of international experiences. She is a non-executive director, chairman and consultant to investment funds, management companies and financial services companies across Europe.

Prior to this, Annemarie was the General Manager of the Luxembourg Finance Labelling Agency (LuxFLAG). As European Head of Sales, Relationship Management and Client Service Management at RBC Investor Services Bank she was a member of RBC Investor Services Bank Executive Committee in Luxembourg. Annemarie started her professional career in the Financial Industry in 1985 at Axa Insurance before joining Berenberg Bank in 1991 and BIL Fund Services in 1996.

René is co-founder and managing partner at Evrlearn AG, a lifelong learning service provider in Switzerland. Before he has been working in Swiss Banking for 20 years in various executive positions ranging from strategy to retail banking, asset management, digitalization and transformation. He was also a member of the board of directors at an asset management company in Luxembourg and an IT-company in Switzerland. Additionnally, he was a member of the commission for digitization of Swiss Bankers Association, representing the Swiss cantonal banks.

He has a broad experience in interdisciplinary functions and projects across several banking areas with a strong background in leadership, project management, business transformation, digital innovation, retail banking and sales, asset management and coaching and mentoring.

Thomas is a senior advisor for corporate and crisis communication. One of his strengths is integrated communication. He headed communications, advertising and sponsoring at well-known global companies, most recently with responsibility for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

As CEO of Wirz PR and Ogilvy PR in Switzerland, he oversaw major national and international clients from their global network. As a lecturer in PR and marketing, Thomas is committed to the promotion of young talents, also in the context of Swiss development programmes abroad.

Amos launched his career during the university at Zurich office of Accenture as a working student from where he moved to SAP Switzerland. During four years, he has been the lead for SAP’s supply chain planning solutions cross-industry in Switzerland. At this time, Amos worked with his clients on topics such as sales & operations planning or inventory optimization. In 2020, he was appointed to Practice Director at Westernacher, overseeing the business of the Western Europe Market for the topic of supply chain planning.

Amos studied information systems (Bachelor) and information management (Master) at the University of Fribourg and Berne (CH). During his studies, he has been a teaching assistant in information systems for over three years.

Claude (1943) has a long-standing track record as a managing director ad interim or as an external project leader for turnarounds of companies or divisions across Europe. He holds various board memberships in Germany- and Switzerland-domiciled companies.

Prior to this, Claude was a member of the group management committee in charge of marketing and sales at Geberit AG (CH) and a managing director at Luwa AG (CH).

He studied physics and economics, holds a Bachelor’s degree of the University of Geneva and an MBA from Insead (F). His main topics today are strategy, marketing and ethics.

Lynette is a senior marketing professional with expertise in building successful marketing strategies in the financial services and technology industries in the US and Europe. She previously held the position of Head of Marketing at Clearstream International in Luxembourg as well as senior marketing roles for several US multinational corporations.

Lynette is currently on the advisory board for Edugamitec, an education gaming startup. Additionally, she is a mentor for the University of Luxembourg’s Venture Mentoring Service, a part of the university’s Entrepreneurship Programme and an affiliate programme of the MIT VMS program.

She holds an MBA in international business and marketing from New York University’s Stern School of Business.

Philippe is Head of Startups and a Corporate Banking professional with a long-standing expertise in credit structuring for small and medium-sized enterprises, innovative startups and Real Estate investments at a key player in the Luxembourg banking industry. He is also a former managing partner and co-founder of a Luxembourg-based digital marketing agency.

Next to this, he shares his sector-knowledge through teaching courses at the ‘House of Entrepreneurship’ and he is a member of the executive board of the ‚Jonk Entrepreneuren Letzebuerg‘ association.

Philippe holds a Bachelor Degree in Entrepreneurial Management from the University of Luxembourg as well as several certifications from the Luxembourg House of Training and Moody’s.

Wolfgang is a Senior Advisor to Yuzer Group and at the same time Managing Partner of Weber-Thedy Strategic Communication since its establishment in 1997. He has advised companies with a focus in German-speaking countries specialising on strategic corporate and financial communication.

In addition, he regularly manages the overall communication and relationship management of companies in special situations such as public offerings, friendly and unsolicited takeover bids, restructuring and integration in M & A operations. His work has won international awards repeatedly.

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