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Know (how to target) your customers

Marketing has changed and the digital world opens a whole new world of possibilties – possibilities which are still not fully employed today. At Yuzer we know how digital marketing works accross all plattforms and channels, and we try to understand how it’s going to develop over the years to come.

A strong academic background combined with a scientific approach (based on behavioral marketing and neuroscience) helps us to pursue the most effective strategies while not to being blinded by short term marketing trends. We help you understand your customers online process and target them in the most efficient way possible – with the help of the newest digital marketing tools.

Our services

Digital Strategy

Strategy Development

Our experience combined with powerful technological tools enable us to collect valuable insights, develop a strong digital strategy and reach your customers in the most efficient way.

Marketing Automation

Innovation and Automation

Marketing automation, drip marketing, personalized marketing, e-mail marketing, … We have the right tools and experience to deliver innovative marketing solutions.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media

We offer Social Media Advertising and Community Management for all kinds of channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, etc.

Landing Page Development

Targeted and Personalized

We analyse your users’ online processes and make your conversion rates take off with powerful indiviualized landing pages.

Digital Monitoring and Analytics

Monitoring & Analysis

We work with powerful tools to deliver valuable insights. Webstatistics, Brand Monitoring, E-Reputation, Social Media Analytics, you name it.

Content Creation

Quality Content

We work with the best content creators to deliver high quality content for all your channels. Give us a call and we make it happen.

We take the guesswork out of marketing

Effective marketing isn’t about following gut feelings. It’s about hard work and truly understanding your customers, while placing them in the center of all you are doing (that’s why we chose the name ‘Yuzer’). Monitoring, tracking and online analytics are powerful tools at our disposal, to react in realtime to customer behaviors and target them effectively.

Behavioral Marketing

Real-time user tracking, A/B-Testing & analytics provide us with powerful insights, which allow us to directly react to real consumer behavior.


Insights from neuroscience help us to define and refine our strategies and craft marketing messages in the most powerful way. Stop guessing, start selling!

Marketing Academics

We implement academic marketing best practices in all our works, from target group analysis to social media campaign management.

Some of the tools we work with

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