Next to doing the right thing,
the most important thing is to let people know
you are doing the right thing.

– John D. Rockefeller

Yuzer Group’s Strategic Communication Unit is specialised in Public Relations for corporate transactions and sensitive issues of SMEs, large caps as well as public institutions and industry bodies with a focus on the financial services industry


A multi-stakeholder and multi-layered world comes with challenges of the same complexity. It is therefore essential to put governance decisions in line with economic considerations in order to allow for coherence and credibility in your communication.

The identification of unperceived – current or future – conflicts of interests, of economic opportunities and threats just like of key macroeconomic developments and its translation into action in terms of public relations, communications and reputation management is the added value of Yuzer’s Strategic Communication Advisory.


Ever increasing complexity and floods of information make it essential to adopt an accurate timing, channel, language and tone in order for your message to reach its target in the right way.

A strong expertise in various sectors as well as a past in investment banking, asset management and public affairs, combined with a strong network of international partners enable Yuzer to provide state-of-the-art and high-quality services and elaborate sound, coherent and authentic communication strategies.



CEO Positioning

The CEO is the human image of your company to the world. Leverage this with a clear communication of positions on strategically chosen channels.

Issue & Crisis Management

Sensitive issues and crises require a well-prepared, nevertheless fast and straight to the point response. Stakeholder coordination, positioning and statement-writing are key.

M&A Communication Advisory

M&A transactions on both, buy- and sell-side need a well-timed specifically targeted and coherent communication. Internal and external dialogue is key for a successful process.

Media Monitoring

The first step of communicating is listening. What is being said (and not said) about you and your company online is crucial knowledge for identifying key issues and potential communication needs.

Message Training

Transmitting the right message in front of cameras and journalists requires a thought-through communication approach. Training helps you to formulate a clear and targeted message to your audience.

Stakeholder Relations

Be it customers, suppliers, employees, the press, competitors, the general public or other interest groups; the right interaction with all of your company’s stakeholders is crucial for your public relations.


Brand Strategy & Positioning

Defining what you stand for, the promise you make and personality you convey: Starting with your values, we support you in building and positioning your brand.


Online and offline awareness-raising, be it in written, audiovisual or event communication are key to align your stakeholder’s support for your idea, project or initiative.

Go-to-market Strategy

From the development of your product to its first sale to customers there is a long way. Selecting the right channels and messages is an essential part of it.

Market Analysis

Before approaching a market and formulating the related strategy, an in-depth analysis is indispensable: It starts with a SWOT analysis and ends with a continuous monitoring.

Market Monitoring & Screening

Not only for the market analysis but also for the impact-measuring of your positioning and strategy, keeping a constant eye on new developments and trends in the market is key.

Sales Process & Pitching Advisory

Supporting your sales side with specific industry knowledge combined with our communication expertise is one of our passions. The optimisation of your sales process and documents together with a targeted communication will be key drivers of sales growth.

Our lean and flexible working process





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